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Dear world, I’d like to present to you, KeyPeeps, my take on sharing contact information.

I developed KeyPeeps from a very specific experience in my life. I was asked by someone if I had somebody else’s phone number while we were chatting on WhatsApp. I went through my usual process of, exiting WhatsApp, opening my apps drawer, finding my Contacts app, searching for that person’s contact, tapping on it, scrolling down to their phone number, long pressing the phone number (???), copying it to my clipboard, using the task switcher to get back to what’s app, long pressing in the edit text, and finally pasting the person’s phone number. Geez. That was like 10 steps! Just to get a phone number. I needed to believe there could be somehting easier than this.

There was not.

So I decided to write KeyPeeps as a keyboard compliment. I say compliment, because its not meant to replace your keyboard. Your keyboard is meant to do something very specific and important, which is to say, it’s meant to give you the power to express yourself with your language of choice. Unbounded expression. I’m not looking to replace that experience. What I want, is the ability to send someone’s contact while staying in context of the conversation, or quickly paste someone’s address into maps for directions.

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KeyPeeps has no interest in stealing/compromising your contact information. If you look at its permissions list, you’d see that it doesn’t even use the internet permission. All it needs is access to your contacts, and the accounts that group those contacts together. I purposely chose to write and distribute KeyPeeps without the need for internet access. The world is already filled with many malicious people looking to steal your data, I just want KeyPeeps to exist in a space where its ultimate form was to provide utility.

So please enjoy KeyPeeps. Feel free to rate and comment!


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